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Сувенирный буклет "Борисоглебск".
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2010 – 2011гг – перевод сувенирного буклета «Борисоглебск».


The town of Borisoglebsk can be compared with a large boat that anchored in the harbor of the Vorona and the Hopyor near the Tellermanov Forest.

Borisoglebsk was formed on the project of Alexander I. Its historical part preserves even now extremely rational proportions and scales. Its broad streets run westwards and southwards.

The marvelous Tellermanov Forest is spread on the hill near the River Vorona. Here, in accordance with the order of Peter the Great, the wood was cut down, and in the harbor in the estuary of the River Vorona  the fleet was built. The first ship that was built here was called “Beneficial Start”.

Scientists are still arguing about its age. They only know that the town started in the 2nd part  of the 17th century as a fortress on the southern boundary of Moscow state. Severe battles with tatars took place here that time.


Time, fires and disasters had ruined many beautiful buildings in our town. But the image of the old town is seen in its merchants’ mansions, educational establishments and authority offices.

Up to now it has preserved its soft and charming look. The green streets and one- storeyed houses prompt to wander over the town all the year round.


At first the town was called Pavlovsk, but soon it was re-named in honor of Russian saints of tolerance and peace-loving Boris and Gleb.

The main church of the town devoted to these Saints was destroyed after the October Revolution.

But now the former values are being restored, as well as the oldest temple of the town.

Churches were the main part of the town’s architecture. There were 17 of them in old Borisoglebsk.